On those days when you feel inspired you may go looking for a strain with a bit of extra sparkle – a bright and bold aroma, deep purple buds that are laced with orange hairs, and it even shimmers with a layer of fine THC crystals. Tangerine Dream is a strain that is ideal for those who are bursting with creativity, or want to make their Sunday chores a bit more enjoyable, and especially for those who want to treat chronic pain with minimal side effects so they can get things done.

This lovely strain is a Cannabis Cup (2010) award winning sativa-dominant hybrid with an active terpene profile. This means that Tangerine Dream is an uplifting strain that will energize your mind, while relaxing your muscles. Most users report mild or no side-effects commonly associated with cannabis flower.




Tangerine Dream is available with a large range of THC content, from 11% for those of us who just need a little boost, all the way up to a possible 25% for those who want to feel a strong cerebral effect. So please, consult your local Budtender when picking up this strain.



The low CBD in Tangerine Dream means that many of the medicinal properties of this strain are due to the Terpene profile.

Terpenes Profile:

Myrcene (commonly found in lemon grass):

Associated with muscle relaxation, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and even some antioxidant properties.

(Beta & Trans) Caryophyllene (commonly found in black pepper):

Associated with pain-relieving properties, anti-inflammatory (possibly targeting bowel), antioxidant effects, as well as anti-anxiety and depression treatment.

Limonene (commonly found in citrus fruit):

This is the main contributor of the amazing aroma Tangerine Dream is known for. Limonene is associated with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, stress relief, and relieve heartburn and gastric reflux.


Firstly and foremostly, you know this is special as soon as it hits you in the nose. Like standing in God's own tangerine grove. You inhale and then the taste gets you (strongly recommend vaporizer to capture this full experience). The back of the sides of my mouth tasted like I just chugged a glass of the purest orange juice! This taste lingers for quite some time. My wife experienced the same thing, so that's my proof I wasn't imaging it. The flavour profile of Tangerine Dream is an extraordinary experience all unto itself with some powerful terpene action! Sometimes I just open it up and breathe. Now for the high itself. Wow! Have I ever felt so purely happy? Nope! The upper left side of my brain felt like it grew a special gland that was pumping out happy juice. Such unbridled happiness, oh joy! I took my little pup for a walk in the sunshine and it felt like a 2 week vacation. Pure unburdened happiness. Now excuse me, I'm just going to open this up again and have another smell...


I usually can't do Sativa-dominant strains, but this was a lovely exception. Fruity and pungent, it was immediately uplifting and gave exceptional relief to the nerve pain Ive been having in my hands and forearms, that nothing else has touched. No anxiety, just energy and warmth. I feel social, relaxed, and productive. A perfect strain for the working medical user.