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Premiere tour company for cannabis enthusiasts.

We take our tours to the next level with interactive experiences that are as unique as they are fun! If you are looking for a great adventure with a little education thrown in, we’ve got the event for you. Learn about cannabis production, processing, different strains, uses and consumption methods –we’ve come a long way from rolled joints. Discover the medicinal properties of the plant, how to cook with it (yes, really!) and even learn to grow your own!

Our local experts are really excited to share their knowledge with you! We support the local, craft cannabis, food and wine industry to bring you the very best the Okanagan has to offer. Our team is the most experienced in the valley- we’ve sought them out and they’ve sought us out to bring you the most amazing wow factor to all our tours.

It’s simple. Fun, unique and socially responsible. Our goal is to give you an experience you’ll want to share with all your friends. We aim to demystify cannabis, promote social responsibility and are helping to build a new cannabis culture that’s inclusive and accepted by the community at large. We do that with our small, intimate fully licensed tours will take you through some of the best Okanagan scenery with a tour vehicle full of very happy people! You’ll meet like-minded people and share lots of laughs!

If you’re new to cannabis and are curious about all the hype, we make it easy and simple to discover! If you’re experienced but want to know more about the latest extraction technology, gadgets and craft cultivars along with learning more about the emerging CBD research, then we’ve got you covered too! And if you are interested in just seeing the sights with a different perspective, then we’re the ones you need to say “hi” to! We are local, support local and know all the best spots around the Okanagan.

Our tours are more than just getting high – trust us, you will levitate should you choose – but we want you to know more, do more and see more. We want to help you become cannabis ambassadors – debunk the myths, share the knowledge you’ve gained and promote a healthy lifestyle that includes cannabis.

Leave the planning and the driving to us. Enjoy a relaxing tour through the Okanagan in our luxury vehicle.

For a truly different entertainment experience, and to find new ways to enjoy cannabis, try one of our specialty tours designed to appeal to everyone from the conservative smoker to the cannabis aficionado. We are open for bookings 7 days a week, and can accommodate groups of up to 13 people at a time.

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